Thursday 8 May 2014

Klismith Accounting and Tax Group Installation and Financial Performance

Posted at 11:01 AM

Klismith Accounting and Tax Group Installation and Financial Performance

It’s easy to drive by a building with a solar electric system mounted on the roof. It’s easy to disregard the solar electric system owner that says their system is protecting the environment for their future generations. It’s easy to minimize the PV system owner that brags about the value of generating his or her own electricity.

But it’s nearly impossible to ignore the local tax accountant that says he installed a solar electric system because of its financial performance.

That’s right – solar is a good investment.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise. The financial value of a solar electric system is in the value of the energy the sun replaces. When the price of energy goes up, so does the return on your investment. If history holds true, there is little chance of the price of electricity dropping. Add to that the 30% federal tax credit and the value of federal and state tax depreciation. How many investments do you hold that can say that?

But wait, there’s more. A solar electric installation increases a businesses visibility, increases monthly cash flow and is a tangible sign of you businesses commitment to the future.

Now, when you drive by Klismith Accounting, you have to ask yourself:

When the local accountant invests in solar, shouldn’t I?

During the Expected 30 Year Life of the Klismith PV

1,049,026 kWh of energy generated

$300,344 total value of energy generated*

503 tons of coal not burned

1,265 tons of CO2 in reduced greenhouse gasses

*assumes 5.5% annual energy cost increase per year

For an analysis of this systems financial performance, who better to ask than our client, Klismith Accounting and Tax Group. Here is the analysis

Klismith used in determining the value of their investment.