Commercial Installation Portfolio

Northwind has an extensive track record of successful commercial solar installations throughout Wisconsin.  Here are just a few of our past projects!

City of Bayfield - Bayfield, WI

Location: Bayfield, WI

Size: 22.9kW

Not just a pretty face, this system is 22.875kW and offsets 100% of the terminals annual energy use.

Snowbelt Fireplace - Stevens Point, WI

Location: Stevens Point, WI

Size: 19.3kW

Snowbelt Fireplace, retailer and installer of quality wood burning stoves and inserts, chose to design a system that would offset nearly 100% of their electric use. Now that's hot!

JAMF - Eau Claire, WI

Location: Eau Claire, WI

Size: 109kW

High atop the JAMF building in downtown Eau Claire sits this 109kW array.

Solin Farms - Antigo, WI

Location: Antigo, WI

Size: 4.13kW

Solin Farms, the home of Tapped Maple Syrups, installed this 4.13 kW ground array which will offset about 66% of the properties energy use. Solar powered infused maple syrup!

Town of LaPointe - LaPoint, WI

Location: LaPoint, WI

Size: 24.1kW each

These two arrays are a continuation for the Town of LaPointe (Madeline Island) to enhance their resilience. When completed, several township buildings will have PV arrays tied to energy storage systems. The Town Hall has 70 345watt modules (24.1kW) on a seasonally adjustable array with two Pika X7602 inverters which are ready to connect to a Harbor Smart battery. The EMS building features a 24.1kW fixed roof array on two Pika X7602 inverters. Harbor Smart ready as well. Beautiful!

Dream Apple Farm - Port Washington, WI

Location: Port Washington, WI

Size: 10.5kW

This system was installed for Dream Apple Farm and was designed to have the array doubled as future energy consumption warrants it.

BAPI, Inc. - Gays Mills, WI

Location: Gays Mills, WI

Size: 92kW

92kW power plant located at BAPI, Inc. in southwestern Wisconsin. This 3-phase system was built with 288, 320 watt Q-Cells PV modules and Fronius Primo string inverters. This system generates over 106,000 clean kWh's each year!

WR Lincoln High School - Wisconsin Rapids, WI

Location: Wisconsin Rapids, WI

Size: 96kW

This ballasted roof mount is located on Lincoln High School in Wisconsin Rapids, WI. The system was built using Dynoraxx racking, REC modules and Solar Edge inverters and optimizers. The system is estimated to produce 103,000 kWh each year offsetting about 10% of the school’s annual energy usage.

FCC Oshkosh - Oshkosh, WI

Location: Oshkosh, WI

Size: 19kW

This 19 kW ballasted array features Eco Foot 2 ballasted racking, Canadian Solar modules and SMA string inverters. This solar array is projected to produce 22,023 kWh each year and offset 63% of the Church's main electrical meter. This project had assistance from RENEW WI's Solar for Good grant program.

Merrill Library - Merrill, WI

Location: Merrill, WI

Size: 27kW

This roof mount features SolarWorld modules and two SolarEdge inverters and power optimizers. The system is estimated to produce 29,967 kWh each year and is expected to offset 10% of the Library’s annual electric usage. Real-time monitoring the array is on display in the lobby of the Library. This installation featured Legacy Solar Coop financing allowing members of the community to support the Library going solar.

Portage County Democratic Party Headquarters - Stevens Point, WI

Location: Stevens Point, WI

Size: 7.4kW

This ballasted roof mount is located at the Portage County Democratic Party Headquarters in Stevens Point, WI. The system was built using Dynoraxx racking, Canadian Solar modules and a SMA inverter, featuring Secure Power Supply. The system is expected to produce 7,399 kWh each year offsetting 67% of the Party’s historical annual usage.

Stratford Veterinary Clinic - Stratford, WI

Location: Stratford, WI

Size: 5.2kW

Small rooftop PV system on the Stratford Vet Clinic with 16, 72-cell modules and an SMA inverter.

Sternweis Farms - Marshfield, WI

Location: Marshfield, WI

Size: 97.5kW

This system powers Sternweis Farms, an automated dairy in Marshfield. The ground arrays are comprised of 300, 325 watt solar modules and SolarEdge inverters.

Waseda Farms - Baileys Harbor, WI

Location: Baileys Harbor, WI

Size: 50kW

Another solar powered organic farm! This ground mount is located at Waseda Farms in beautiful Door County and was built with 145, 345 watt PV modules and SolarEdge inverters. It's estimated to offset half of the farms energy use every year for 30+ years!

Organic Valley HQ - La Farge, WI

Location: La Farge, WI

Size: 64kW

This system sits atop the Organic Valley headquarters in La Farge, WI. The array is made up of 214 SolarWorld modules and powered by 2 SolarEdge 33.3kW inverters. This site will receive over 80,000 kWh of clean energy each year!

Heartland Farms - Hancock, WI

Location: Hancock, WI

Size: 96kW

This ballasted roof mount is located on Heartland Farms in Hancock, WI. The system was built using Dynoraxx racking, SolarWorld modules and SMA Sunny Boy inverters. It's estimated to generate over 109,000 kWh each year, offsetting about a third of the building's energy consumption.

Central Waters Brewing Co. - Amherst, WI

Location: Amherst, WI

Size: 100kW

Central Waters Brewing Co. expanded their solar capacity by contracting Northwind Solar to install an additional 100kW of PV. This system generates over 130,000 kilowatt hours annually. Remarkable beer from renewable means!

Shulfers - Stevens Point, WI

Location: Stevens Point, WI

Size: 6.3kW

This ground mounted system is comprised of 20, 315 watt Solar World Sunmodules in landscape orientation.  This system is expected to offset over 80% of the clients annual electrical usage.

Vespertine Gardens - Vesper, WI

Location: Vesper, WI

Size: 9.9kW

This grid-tied PV system powers Vespertine Gardens with 36, 275 watt Solar World modules and a 10kW Fronius string inverter.

Cutler Fence and Farm - Milladore, WI

Location: Milladore, WI

Size: 9.9kW

This system powers Cutler Fence and Farm in Milladore. The system was pitched up to maximize overall annual production.

Whitefeather Organics - Custer, WI

Location: Custer, WI

Size: 9.9kW

This system powers Whitefeather Organics, a local organic CSA in Custer. The system is made up of 36, 275 watt Solar World modules and SMA Sunny Boy inverters. Electricity AND heat from the sun!

Coenen - Rudolph - Rudolph, WI

Location: Rudolph, WI

Size: 20kW

This system is made up of 81, 245 Mage solar modules built on three ground mount racks. It features 3 SMA Sunny Boy 6,000 watt inverters.

Custer Horse Stable Installation - Custer, WI

Location: Custer, WI

Size: 7.15kW

This PV system was installed on a horse stable out in the Custer countryside. It’s made up of 26, 275 watt Solar World modules.

Klismith Accounting - Plover, WI

Location: Plover, WI

Size: 38.5kW

Commercial roof-mounted system on Klismith Accounting in Plover. Estimated to produce over a million kilowatt hours over the course of the systems life!

Mason - Roof-top - Mason, WI

Location: Mason, WI

Size: 2.04kW

Roof-top solar on an organic CSA farm. System is made up of 8, 255 watt Solar World Sunmodules.

Butch's Service - Marshfield, WI

Location: Marshfield, WI

Size: 14.28kW

Roof-mounted system on Butch's Service north of Marshfield. System built with 51, 280 watt Solar World Sunmodules and 3 SMA TL-US string inverters with SPS technology.

VonRuden - Westby - Westby, WI

Location: Westby, WI

Size: 26kW

Grid-tied, roof-mounted PV on Westby farm. System made up of 104, 250 watt Helios modules.

WorldBuilders - Stevens Point, WI

Location: Stevens Point, WI

Size: 9.56kW

Ballasted roof mount on WorldBuilders in Stevens Point. This system was installed using 39 Mage modules with individual capacity of 245 watts.

Hilltop Community Farm - LaValle, WI

Location: LaValle, WI

Size: 5.145kW

This grid-tied, ground mounted system can be found at Hilltop Community Farm in LaValle. It's built using 21, 245 watt PV modules.

Stoney Acres Farm - Athens, WI

Location: Athens, WI

Size: 8kW

This is a grid-tied roof-mount at Stoney Acres Farm in Athens. This project also featured the installation of our Effecta 60K, high-efficiency wood boiler.

Breitenmoser Farms - Merrill, WI

Location: Merrill, WI

Size: 19.44kW

This is a roof mounted array featuring 108, 180 watt PV modules at Breitenmoser Farms in Merrill.

Boston School Forest - Plover, WI

Location: Plover, WI

Size: 14.06kW

This ground mount installation was built for Boston School Forest. It’s made up of 76, 185 watt Mage modules.

Evergreen - Wild Rose - Wild Rose, WI

Location: Wild Rose, WI

Size: 22.08kW

This PV system shows how solar can be integrated in natural surroundings to create added value. This solar walkway was built on wood timbers and is comprised of 96, 230 watt PV modules.

Soik Farms - Stevens Point, WI

Location: Stevens Point, WI

Size: 40.94kW

This grid-tied commercial installation, located at Soik Farms, was built using 178, 230 watt PV modules.

Waupaca High School - Waupaca, WI

Location: Waupaca, WI

Size: 17.28kW

These ground mounted arrays were made possible by the fundraising efforts of the WHS Green Team. 

Black Magic Organics - Spencer, WI

Location: Spencer, WI

Size: 19.98kW

Grid-tied, seasonally adjustable top of pole mounts at Black Magic Organics. System is made up of 108, 190 watt modules.

Dayton Town Hall - Waupaca, WI

Location: Waupaca, WI

Size: 6.3kW

Roof mounted solar for the Town Hall building in the town of Dayton.

Emy-J's - Stevens Point, WI

Location: Stevens Point, WI

Size: 3.89kW

Commercial solar PV in Stevens Point. This system produces clean energy for Emy-J's coffee house and features a solar awning comprised of 21, 185 watt PV modules.

Array HHO - Merrill, WI

Location: Merrill, WI

Size: 13.33kW

Grid-tied PV system in northern Wisconsin.

Lawrence University - Appleton, WI

Location: Appleton, WI

Size: 2.8kW

Ballasted roof mount PV system at Lawrence University.