Solar Power Incentives

Residential Incentives

Currently, there are financial incentives available for renewable energy installations, but incentive programs can change quickly. To be certain that you are up to date, contact Northwind or visit

Federal Tax Credit: Provides residential solar installations with a 30% tax credit. The personal tax credit was extended in December of 2015 and will be available through 2019 at 30%, then tier down to 26% in 2020, and 22% in 2021.

Focus On Energy: Focus on Energy provides a cash back rebate valued at 12% of the system cost up to $4,000 depending on where you live.  That rebate is payable 8-10 weeks after system commissioning. Northwind will submit all application documents to Focus on Energy on your behalf.

State Sales Tax Exemption: Wisconsin holds a 100% exemption from sales and use tax for eligible purchases of your solar electric or solar heating system.

Commercial Incentives

There are also a number of incentives available for commercial renewable energy systems. As with residential incentives, programs can change so please contact Northwind for details and updates.

Federal Tax Credit (ITC): Provides commercial installations with a 30% tax credit. The ITC will be available at 30% through 2019, then scheduled to reduce to 26% and 22% the following two years.

Focus On Energy: Focus on Energy is offering up to $4,000 in a cash back rebate payable in 8-10 weeks after system commissioning for commercial systems. Focus on Energy also offers the Renewable Energy Competitive Incentive Program (RECIP) for commercial customers. RECIP offers a production-based incentive and is offered at different times during the year, contact Northwind for more information.

USDA Rural Energy for America Program (REAP) grant: Offers an annual grant for rural businesses and agricultural properties that can pay up to 25% of an installed system cost. Northwind can offer to write your grant application. Northwind will help pre-qualify you for this grant program prior to grant writing.

Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS): Provides accelerated depreciation for renewable energy installations. The Consolidated Appropriations Act, signed in December 2015, extended the "placed in service" deadline for bonus depreciation. Equipment placed in service before January 1, 2018 can qualify for 50% bonus depreciation. Equipment placed in service during 2018 can qualify for a 40% bonus depreciation. And equipment placed in service during 2019 can qualify for a 30% bonus depreciation.

Solar For Good: RENEW Wisconsin offers the Solar for Good grant program to help non-porift organizations to go solar. Grant applications are accepted in the spring and in the fall. Contact Northwind for more information.

Taking the Next Step

Research your options: A little research goes a long way; the Solar Benefits Page on our website is a great place to start. You can also contact Northwind using our Online Contact Form or by calling (715) 630-6451.

Review benefits and key considerations: As with any investment, it is a good idea to understand the benefits and key considerations related to solar power. Such due diligence will help you throughout the decision process, beginning with your free consultation with Northwind.

Contact Northwind: Use our Online Contact Form to describe your needs/interests and to submit any questions you might have. We will contact you to discuss the solution that is right for you. You can also contact us by calling (715) 630-6451.