Solar + Storage

Solar + Storage

Solar + storage refers to residential, grid-tied solar electric systems that utilize energy storage in the form of a battery. Grid-tied solar electric systems with battery backups are essentially the same as straight grid-tied solar electric systems with one key advantage: during grid power outages, the battery bank continues to provide power to specific electrical circuits. The system owner will identify 'critical loads', such as a well pump, refrigerator, freezer, heating system controls, internet router, and others to have available when the grid is absent. By identifying only those 'critical loads', the battery bank can be kept smaller and more affordable. Customers that experience frequent outages or find that they cannot tolerate even short power outages find this system provides them the security of an uninterruptible power source.

Solar + storage can be integrated to maximize what we call "self-consumption" as well. This configuration is beneficial in utility territories that instantaneously devalue any solar energy sent to the grid, allowing you to store and use more of the power you generate from your solar and maintain your full energy value more often rather than selling it back to the utility at a devalued rate.

Systems can also be designed to be "battery ready", which is an approach that helps ease the initial impact your solar investment has on your pocketbook. By designing and installing a system that includes a "battery-ready" inverter, we can prepare your system for the addition of batteries when your budget allows.

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