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 2:15 PM CST

Our goal was simple - to reach out and bring people together for an informational session, provide free solar site assessments, provide people with a discounted price on a solar electric installation, and support community non-profits.

 2:10 PM CST

We have been seeing more interest from some of our area Electric Cooperatives investigating Community Solar.  What is Community Solar? How does it work? Who benefits? Is it better to invest in Community Solar or into you own solar electric system?

 2:07 PM CST

When we look at the growth of the solar energy industry, there are several factors;

 1:54 PM CST

Batteries, Batteries, Batteries

Last month. Tesla hosted a PowerWall announcement party by which has really stirred up the conversation about batteries and energy storage.  People are talking about energy storage with and without the grid. 

Tuesday 16 December 2014
 12:19 PM CST

The following is a sampling of some our 2014 installations. Thank you to all our terrific customers!

Monday 15 December 2014
 3:45 PM CST

With the passage of the federal government $1.1 trillion spending bill last weekend, we are able to see exactly what the funding will be for this next round of USDA REAP (Renewable Energy for America Program). 

 3:32 PM CST

This time we’ll be talking about grid-tied systems that utilize batteries for energy storage. When the grid is absent we can rely on the batteries to power our “critical loads” these loads generally consist of refrigerators, freezers, well pump, some lighting circuits, etc. 

 8:19 AM CST

North Wind Renewable Energy officially kicked-off our Community Solar Group Buy (CSGB) program on September 1st for citizens in Portage County. The idea of this program is to make solar energy more accessible to Portage County citizens...